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Chapter 3. New Packages

A new binutils220 package is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
[Updated 26 April 2012]
This advisory has been updated with the correct package introduction (the first paragraph) in the Problem Description section. The package included in this revised update has not been changed in any way from the package included in the original advisory.
The binutils220 package provides an assembler and disassembler which understand the specific instructions for the AMD FX processor microarchitecture (Bulldozer) used by the gcc44 compiler. The gcc44 compiler on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 can issue Bulldozer specific instructions that can not be handled by the system assembler.
This enhancement update adds the binutils220 package to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. (BZ#669190)
All users who require the gcc44 compiler are advised to install this new package.