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4.89. libhbaapi

An updated libhbaapi package that fixes two bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The libhbaapi library is the Host Bus Adapter (HBA) API library for Fibre Channel and Storage Area Network (SAN) resources. It contains a unified API that programmers can use to access, query, observe and modify SAN and Fibre Channel services.

Bug Fixes

The "" shared object library, which provides the Host Bus Adapter API library, failed to define a build dependency on the "" library. As a result, applications that linked to "" without themselves including the "" dependency failed at start time when the libHBAAPI library tried to call the dlopen function. With this update, the dependency has been added and the application builds as expected.
Prior to this update, hba.conf was not marked in the libhbaapi package specification file (spec file) as being exempt from verification. Consequently, if the hba.conf config file was changed it was reported as an error by the file verify function "rpm -V libhbaapi". With this update hba.conf is now marked in the spec file as "%verify(not md5 size mtime)". As a result the hba.conf file is no longer erroneously verified (for size, mtime, and checksum) and the test functions as expected in the scenario described.
All users of libhbaapi are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.