1.202. yum

1.202.1. RHBA-2011:1060: yum bug fix update

An updated yum package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
Yum is a utility that can check for and automatically download and install updated RPM packages. Dependencies are obtained and downloaded automatically, prompting the user for permission as necessary.
This update fixes the following bugs:
* When accessing mirror lists, a number of yum configuration options was not correctly recognized by the yum utility or associated modules such as URLGrabber. As a consequence, many configured parameters were not taken into account during yum operation; for example, the timeout option was ignored, causing unpredictable timeouts. This bug has been fixed, and the yum configuration is now properly processed by yum and associated modules. (BZ#647134)
* Previously, when one of the repository baseurl addresses caused an HTTP error code to be issued, the "yum repolist" command failed to produce the list of available repositories. This bug has been fixed and the repository list is now properly returned even if an error occurs. (BZ#697087)
* Previously, the repodiff utility used a stale metadata cache in subsequent runs. When two repodiff commands were executed in succession, the second run reused cached data from the first. This bug has been fixed and repodiff now properly validates the metadata if a connection cannot be established or the cached data are about to be reused. (BZ#709972)
* One of the arguments in the ssl_ctx_load_verify_locations() function was of the wrong type. As a consequence, under specific conditions, any yum command could terminate with a traceback. A patch has been provided to address this issue, and the yum utility no longer crashes in the described scenario. (BZ#712896)
Users of yum are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.