1.169. system-config-netboot

1.169.1. RHBA-2011:0829: system-config-netboot bug fix update

Updated system-config-netboot packages that resolve several issues are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
System-config-netboot is a utility which allows you to configure diskless environments and network installations.
These updated system-config-netboot packages provide fixes for the following bugs:
* Installation scripts erroneously overwrote ".msg" files under the /tftpboot/linux-install/msgs/ directory, regardless of whether they were modified, when installing the system-config-netboot utility. Certain of these ".msg" configuration files were important for the system build process. With this update, the ".msg" files in that directory are now treated as configuration files, and are therefore not overwritten if they have been modified. (BZ#459383)
* Certain programs such as nscd, the name service caching daemon, required the /var/db/ directory to be writable in order to function correctly. This update adds the /var/db/ directory to the snapshot so that it is writeable, with the result that services which depend on a writable /var/db/ directory, such as LDAP, now function as expected. (BZ#504179)
* The sequence of steps to perform in order to set up automounting are included in the documentation provided in the system-config-netboot packages. Following these instructions did not succeed as expected because of the omission of a step instructing users to create a symbolic link from the /proc/mounts file to the /etc/mtab file. This update adds this step to the documentation, and the automount setup instructions are now complete. (BZ#504231)
* Incorrect text in a network connection error dialog was displayed when performing a "Network Install". This was caused by a Unicode encoding issue that has been fixed in this update, with the result that the error message displayed under the same circumstances is now correct. (BZ#579666)
All users of system-config-netboot are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.