1.167. system-config-kickstart

1.167.1. RHBA-2011:1025: system-config-kickstart bug fix update

An updated system-config-kickstart package that fixes one bug is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The system-config-kickstart package contains the Kickstart Configurator, a graphical tool for creating kickstart files.
This updated package fixes the following bug:
* Prior to this update,system-config-kickstart did not handle IOError (Input/output error) exceptions when trying to read the file given on the command line. Due to this behavior, system-config-kickstart terminated unexpectedly when it was started from the command line with a non-existing file. This update allows IOError exceptions. Now, an error dialog is displayed if an IOError occurs. (BZ#431950)
All system-config-kickstart users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug.