1.158. sos

1.158.1. RHBA-2011:1028: sos bug fix and enhancement update

An updated sos package that fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The sos package contains a set of tools that gather information from system hardware, logs and configuration files. The information can then be used for diagnostic purposes and debugging.
This updated sos package provides fixes for the following bugs:
* The sos utility did not include the rsyslog.conf file in sos reports. This update adds the rsyslog plug-in, which adds rsyslog.conf to the reports. (BZ#548616)
* The hardware.py plug-in of the up2date client used an incorrect path to the hardware.py script. This update corrects the path. (BZ#572353)
* The rhn plug-in failed to include the squid logs from RHN proxy servers. This occurred because the plug-in failed to identify such servers. This update adapts the underlying code and the squid logs from RHN proxy servers are included in sos reports as expected. (BZ#590389)
* Prior to this update, sos reports did not include the log files defined in the syslog and rsyslog configuration files. This happened because the utility did not search the files for log file definitions. This update adds the respective code and sos collects all user-defined log files specified in rsyslog.conf or syslog.conf. (BZ#596970)
* The Certificate system plug-in did not collect logs from Red Hat Certificate System 8.0. With this update, dogtag.py for Red Hat Certificate System 8.0 has been added and sos collects logs from Red Hat Certificate System 8.0, as expected. (BZ#635966)
* On IBM S/390 architecture, outputs from the parted and dumpe2fs utilities were not included in sos reports. This bug has been fixed and data retrieved from both utilities are now included in sos reports. (BZ#645507)
* The selinux plug-in did not gather the /etc/sysconfig/selinux file. This is now fixed and the file is included in the reports of the selinux plug-in. (BZ#674717)
* The rhelVersion() function did not work correctly in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and not all plug-ins consistently used the interface. This problem impacted a number of sos plug-ins (cluster, general, s390, and yum). With this update, the function now always returns the correct value and all the aforementioned plug-ins have been converted to use it. (BZ#710567)
In addition, this updated package provides the following enhancements:
* Prior to this update, the user could not change the target location for storing sos reports. Due to this, sos reports were not collected if the /tmp/ directory was full. This update adds the "--tmp-dir" option to the sosreport utility to allow the user to specify the target directory. (BZ#562283)
* Prior to this update, the user sometimes had to run several tools to diagnose issues on high-availability clusters. This update adds several enhancements to the cluster plug-in to provide more detailed information. (BZ#584060)
* Prior to this update, sosreport excluded files larger than 15 MB. With this update, such files are truncated to 15 MB so as to include the latest events and saved in the /sosreport/sos_commands/ directory. (BZ#636472)
* With this update, sos supports next-generation X.509 entitlement certificates. These certificates are captured and included in sos reports. (BZ#678666)
* With this update, sos reports include the content of the /etc/rhsm/ directory. (BZ#714296)
All users are advised to upgrade to this updated sos package, which fixes these bugs and adds these enhancements.