1.16.3. RHEA-2011:0165: coreutils enhancement update

An updated coreutils package that adds an enhancement to dd command is now available.
The coreutils package contains core GNU utilities. It is a combination of the old GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils packages.
This update adds the following enhancement:
* When a dd command copies data and receives e.g. SIGPIPE signal, then it stops with the current block (leaving it as partial) and starts with the new one, which is called "short read". Sometimes it is useful that dd has to copy full blocks and not stop reading after received signals. To address this, dd now accepts iflag=fullblock, to make it accumulate full input blocks. With this new option, after a short read, dd repeatedly calls read, until it fills the incomplete block, reaches EOF, or encounters an error. (BZ#668465)
All coreutils users may upgrade to this updated package, which adds this enhancement.