1.15.2. RHBA-2011:1039: conga bug fix and enhancement update

Updated conga packages that fix multiple bugs and introduce feature enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The Conga project is a management system for remote workstations. It consists of luci, which is a secure web-based front end, and ricci, which is a secure daemon that dispatches incoming messages to underlying management modules.
This update fixes the following bugs:
* Prior to this update, the luci_admin utility did not operate correctly if third-party packages of the Zope web application server were installed on the system. With this update, this issue has been fixed so that the luci_admin utility now works as expected. (BZ#643996)
* Prior to this update, the length of certain text fields in luci's resource agent forms was insufficient, causing the inability to see the whole text field content. The problem has been resolved in this update by increasing the length of the respective text fields. (BZ#640329)
* Prior to this update, managing a cluster that contained a large number of services or resources configured in the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file resulted in a "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded" error message if a user tried to display that particular cluster. This problem has been resolved so that cluster management works as expected, and no error message is displayed when viewing the cluster. (BZ#658621)
As well, this update adds the following enhancements:
* The commands issued with luci and run by ricci are now logged using the system log facility so that it is now easier to debug problems with Conga actions. (BZ#459190)
* Support for specifying a sub-organization for the fence_cisco_ucs I/O Fencing agent has been added in this update. (BZ#690936)
* Support for setting the "self_fence" attribute for Highly Available Logical Volume Management (HA LVM) resources has been added with this update. (BZ#679866)
* Support for configuring the new fence_vmware_soap Fencing agent has been added in this update. (BZ#705073)
All Conga users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.