1.168.2. RHBA-2011:0898: system-config-lvm bug fix update

An updated system-config-lvm package that fix a bug is now available.
The system-config-lvm package contains a utility for configuring logical volumes via a graphical user interface.
This updated package fixes the following bug:
* Recent updates to the GNU core utilities (coreutils) package included a move of the readlink command from /usr/bin/readlink to /bin/readlink. The Logical Volume Management utility was updated to reflect this move. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, however, readlink is still installed to /usr/bin/readlink. As a consequence, system-config-lvm erroneously presented mounted logical volumes as Not Mounted and, equally erroneously, reported their "Mount Point when Rebooted" as "None". As well, when trying to resize such a volume, the utility presented the following (also erroneous) message:
Logical volume is not mounted but is in use. Please close all applications using this device.
With this update, system-config-lvm running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 once again looks for readlink at /usr/bin/readlink and, consequently, reports the properties of mounted volumes correctly and allows re-sizing of such volumes as expected. (BZ#579049)
All system-config-lvm users should upgrade to this updated package, which resolves this issue.