2.7. RHEA-2011:1009: new package: man-pages-overrides

A new man-pages-overrides package is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The man-pages-overrides package contains a collection of manual ("man") pages to complement other packages or update those contained therein.
This enhancement update adds the man-pages-overrides package to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. (BZ#558469)
Among other changes, this new package fixes the following manual pages issues:
* A typo in the crontab(1) manual page has been fixed. (BZ#448544)
* A reference to the nonexistent pacct(5) manual page in the sa(8) manual page has been removed. (BZ#464865)
* Missing pnmtojbig(1) and pcdovtoppm(1) manual pages have been added. (BZ#496036)
* The mount(8) man page now contains missing information about the ext4 and XFS file systems. (BZ#536899)
* The sh(1) man page now contains fixed information about the default value of the PATH variable. (BZ#576795)
* The expect(1) man page formatting issue has been fixed. (BZ#633696)
* The ypserv(8), rpc.yppasswdd(8) and rpc.ypxfrd(8) manual pages now contain information about the possibility of setting internal options. (BZ#656438)
* A typo in the cron(8) manual page has been fixed. (BZ#658860)
* The route(8) manual page now includes an explicit description of the "mss M" option. (BZ#671321)
* The unsupported keyword "order" has been removed from the host.conf(5) manual page. (BZ#698153)
* The path to the cifs.upcall program has been corrected in the cifs.upcall(8) manual page, and the nounix option description has been added to the mount.cifs(8) manual page. (BZ#621926)
* The ldap.conf(5) manual page has been modified in order to prefer usage of the TLS_CACERT option instead of the TLS_CACERTDIR option to specify Certificate Authorities. (BZ#649048)
All users should install this new man-pages-overrides package.