1.90. lvm2

1.90.1. RHBA-2011:1071: lvm2 bug fix and enhancement update

An updated lvm2 package that fixes a number of bugs and adds various enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


This update was released as errata RHBA-2011:1071 — lvm2 bug fix and enhancement update.
The lvm2 package contains support for Logical Volume Management (LVM).

Bug Fixes:

Previously, it was possible to issue a single "lvconvert" command that both allocated and freed the supplied physical extents. This update logically splits this functionality so that an lvconvert command can either allocate or free physical extents, but disallows performing both operations in a single command, with the result that lvcreate is more consistent and easier to use.
The entire /proc/self/maps file is now read before maps entries are operated upon.
The command "vgextend --restoremissing" reported success even in the case of partial failure of an operation, which was potentially confusing. Partial failures are now reported as such.
The default permissions on the /etc/lvm/ directory have been changed to allow non-root users to use required functionality.
The "lvchange --test" command now exits cleanly.
An unnecessary and harmless "File-based locking initialization failed." error message that may have occurred during system startup has been removed.
O_DIRECT is now always used when opening block devices to check for partitioning.
Reducing a striped logical volume converted to a mirror could have resulted in corruption. This update fixes the rounding operations in striped volume reduction, and a mirror over a striped volume is now reduced successfully.
The lvmdump command now works properly with the SELinux's Multi-Level Security policy.
The vgimportclone script triggered a code path in the "lvm" command which accessed already-released memory when a duplicate physical volume (PV) was found. Problematic strings are now saved to a temporary buffer, and this issue no longer occurs.
If a transient error occurred while a mirror was being repaired, such as a failing device re-appearing, the repair could have failed and a locking error reported. With this update, the mirror repair operation successfully completes in the described situation.
The lvm2 package has been upgraded to upstream version 2.02.84, which provides a number of bug fixes over the previous version. Those bug fixes also include:
  • A possible overflow in maximum stripe size and physical extent has been fixed.
  • pvmove polling no longer fails if another process has already cleaned up.
  • Error messages issued by the lvcreate command now refer to "free space" rather than "extents".
  • A memory leak in the persistent filter creation error path has been plugged.
  • The label cache is no longer revalidated immediately after scanning.
  • VG (volume group) allocation policy in metadata being invalid could have caused a memory leak, which has been plugged.
  • An unrecognized allocation policy in metadata is now ignored rather than aborting the executed command.
  • The redundant "No PV label" error message is now suppressed when several PVs are removed without MDAs.
  • The vgchange command now only updates VG metadata once when making multiple changes.
  • The vgchange command now processes the "-a", "--refresh", "--monitor" and "--poll" options like lvchange does.
  • The vgchange command no longer takes a write lock when the "--refresh", "--poll" or "--monitor" options are supplied.
  • The lvconvert command now respects the "--yes" and "--force" options when converting an active log.
  • If lvm1 metadata is used, partial mode is limited in operation to prevent a crash for operations not yet supported.


Invalidated snapshots are now automatically unmounted by dmeventd.
Tag length restrictions have been removed, and certain punctuation characters, namely / = ! : # and &, are now accepted.
This update makes it possible to set up a policy of automatic snapshot extension whenever remaining snapshot space drops below a threshhold defined by the new "snapshot_autoextend_threshold" option in the /etc/lvm/lvm.conf configuration file. With this option set, a snapshot either becomes invalidated, as per the previous behavior, or it is extended and automatically continues to function as long as long as free Volume Group space permits.
The cling allocation policy has been extended to recognize PV (physical volume) tags in the "cling_by_tags" option in lvm.conf.
A new configurable option, "pv_min_size", has been added to the lvm.conf configuration file. This option can be used to improve performance of commands that scan all devices by setting the pv_min_size value to skip device reading below a certain predefined level.
The man pages for the pvmove, pvcreate, pvremove, pvresize, pvscan and lvscan commands have been updated and improved.
BZ#644079, BZ#640101
Converting a mirror log type from disk to mirrored is now supported.
Striped mirrors are now supported.
The lvm2 package has been upgraded to upstream version 2.02.84, which provides a number of enhancements over the previous version. Those enhancements include:
  • Multiple "--addtag" and "--deltag" options can now be supplied as parameters.
  • Independent vgchange arguments can now be used together.
  • The output from "dmsetup ls --tree" has been added to lvmdump.
  • Command processing has been sped up by caching the resolved configuration tree.
  • Multiple pvchange command line options can now be specified simultaneously.
  • An unnecessary call to unlock during volume deactivation has been eliminated.
  • "Fusion-io" is now accepted in the device type filter.
  • The "metadata_read_only" option has been added to the global section of the lvm.conf configuration file. If this option is enabled, no operations that change on-disk metadata will be permitted, including automatic repairs of metadata in read-only mode.
  • device-mapper devices are now skipped during scans if they contain only error targets or are pseudo-terminal devices.
  • The unquoting of quoted double-quotes and backslashes has been sped up.
  • CRC32 calculations have been sped up by using a larger lookup table.
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated lvm2 package, which resolves these issues and adds these enhancements.