1.43. gfs2-utils

1.43.1. RHBA-2011:1042: gfs2-utils bug fix and enhancement update

Updated gfs2-utils packages that fix multiple bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The gfs2-utils packages provide the user-space utilities necessary to mount, create, maintain and test GFS2 file systems.
This update fixes the following bugs:
* Prior to this update, gfs2_grow aborted unexpectedly with an error message on a full file system If no free blocks were available in the file system, and the last block of the rindex file did not allow to add more resource group entries. As a workaround, the user must remove or truncate a file to free up space. Once the file system is grown, the file can safely be added back. (BZ# 490649)
* Prior to this update, a file system check (fsck) on GFS2 file systems in verbose mode caused misleading error messages that the master and root inodes were not correctly marked. This update modifies the code to set both the master and root inodes as "in use" in the in-core block map. Now, fsck.gfs2 realizes that the master and root inodes are properly marked. (BZ# 642797)
* Prior to this update, a fsck on a GFS2 file system for i686 calculated the wrong starting point for its bitmap search because the GFS2 bitmap was in the wrong state. Due to this issue, the bitmap search was stuck in an infinite loop. This update modifies the calculation to use the correct size on 32-bit platforms. Now, the fsck.gfs2 check runs as expected. (BZ# 667769)
* Prior to this update, a file system check on a damaged GFS2 file system containing two inodes that point to the same metadata appeared to be a "duplicate block reference" but both were unrecoverable. Due to this issue, the fsck.gfs2 check in pass1b terminated abnormally with a segmentation fault because of the empty reference list. This update additionally checks whether the duplicate reference list is empty. Now, pass1b completes normally and fsck.gfs2 finishes as expected. (BZ#679076)
* Prior to this update, the command "gfs2_edit savemeta" did not save all directory information for large directories. Due to this behavior, the directory hash table and directory leaf blocks beneath were not saved. This update modifies the savemeta function for gfs2_edit to read all the data. With the directory hash table processed correctly, all leaf blocks are saved as expected. (BZ# 679565)
* Prior to this update, indirect blocks were prematurely released from a gfs2_edit savemeta queue. Due to this behavior, some meta data was not saved and consequently meta data sets restored with gfs2_edit restoremeta did not pass a file system check (fsck). This update modifies gfs2_edit so that the required blocks are now left on the queue and saved with the rest of the meta data. Now, saving the meta data of a consistent file system results in a complete meta data set which passes a fsck when restored. (BZ# 698298)
This update also adds the following enhancement:
* Prior to this update, gfs2_edit gathered GFS2 file system information less effectively. This update enhances gfs_edit to gather more information. (BZ# 656371)
All gfs2-utils users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.