1.14. cman

1.14.1. RHBA-2011:1001: cman bug fix and enhancement update

Updated cman package that fixes bugs and adds enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The Cluster Manager (cman) utility provides user-level services for managing a Linux cluster.
This update applies fixes for the following bugs:
* It is now possible to make ccs_tool use different ports. (BZ#656427)
* The fence_cisco_ucs agent now supports sub organizations. (BZ#678902)
* "cman_tool nodes -F id,type,name,addr" no longer crashes when qdisk is enabled. (BZ#654894)
* cman_tool now displays node votes. (BZ#653508)
* Manual pages for fencing agents have been brought up to date. (BZ#488959, BZ#573990, BZ#663808, BZ#671089)
* fence_wti now works with larger (>16) port switches. (BZ#679160)
* A timing issue causing erratic qdiskd heuristic behavior has been fixed. (BZ#679274)
* A traceback in fence_rsa has been fixed. (BZ#678018)
In addition, this update adds the following enhancements:
* There is now a "diag" option to fence_ipmilan to support ipmi chassis power diag. (BZ#678061)
* The fence_rhevm agent has been updated to match the current REST API. (BZ#681670, BZ#681676)
* The fence_vmware agent has been rewritten to use the VMWare SOAP API. (BZ#634567)
* cman_tool no longer reports an incorrect node count. (BZ#649533)
* The man page documentation for the "expected" option to cman_tool has been improved. (BZ#688701)
* The --ssl option now works with fence_cisco_ucs. (BZ#693395)
* "fence_ipmilan -o monitor" now returns the correct status if the chassis is powered off. (BZ#693427)
All cman users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these issues and add these enhancements.