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1.161. vsftpd

1.161.1. RHBA-2010:0410: bug fix update

An updated vsftpd package that fixes two bugs is now available.
The vsftpd package includes a Very Secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) daemon.
This updated vsftpd package includes fixes for the following bugs:
* when the "connect_from_port_20" directive in the vsftp.conf configuration file was set to "NO", and other directives were set to certain values, the vsftpd daemon would disconnect clients immediately after establishing the connection. With this update, setting "connect_from_port_20=NO" in vsftpd.conf no longer results in such disconnects, and clients are again able to successfully establish connections. ( BZ#580055)
* when the "background" directive in the vsftpd.conf configuration file is set to "YES", the vsftpd startup script forks, creating a child process (the vsftpd daemon) which immediately sends the SIGUSR1 signal to its parent process, which exits upon receiving it. When "background=NO" was specified in vsftpd.conf, the startup script did not fork, but still sent the SIGUSR1 signal to its parent process, which could have been any process that started the vsftpd process. A parent process which did not explicitly handle SIGUSR1 would exit upon receiving this signal. This update ensures that when "background=NO" is specified in vsftpd.conf, the vsftpd process running in the foreground does not send the SIGUSR1 signal to its parent process, thus avoiding potentially causing that process to exit. ( BZ#580396)
All users of vsftpd are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.