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1.156. util-linux

1.156.1. RHBA-2011:0085: bug fix update

Updated util-linux packages that fix various bugs are now available.
The util-linux package contains a large variety of low-level system utilities that are necessary for a Linux system to function. Among others, util-linux contains the fdisk configuration tool and the login program.
The updated packages include the following fixes:
* The fdisk(8) command showed wrong partition name on device-mapper-multipath devices. ( BZ#448919)
* The ipcs(1) command returned wrong return code on errors. ( BZ#465911)
* The man page for blockdev(8) was not up to date. ( BZ#470497)
* The 'mount -a' command was not able to detect that some pseudo filesystems (e.g. tmpfs) are already mounted. ( BZ#475509)
* The "~/.hushlogin" file was invisible for the login(1) command if the home directory was on NFS. ( BZ#488192)
* The PAM configuration of the login(1) command initialized the keyring at an inconvenient time. ( BZ#245578)
* The man page for login(1) had obsolete information about users switching. ( BZ#495192)
* The script(1) command didn't log to the utmp database. ( BZ#490693)
* The fdisk(8) and sfdisk(8) commands used unnecessary sleep(2) calls. ( BZ#502639)
* The fdisk(8) command was not able create partition with starting beyond 1 TiB. ( BZ#471369)
* The sfdisk(8) command didn't ensure writes make it to disk. ( BZ#565946)
* The flock(1) command faulted when file name is not given.( BZ#513369)
* The man page for mount(8) didn't describe all vfat options for non-UTF8 locale. ( BZ#515149)
* The remount of bind mounts wasn't properly documented in the man page for mount(8). ( BZ#568194)
* The 'cal -3' command generated improperly formatted output. ( BZ#458055)
* The /etc/udev/rules.d/60-raw.rules file was trashed by util-linux update. ( BZ#612423)
* The mount(8) command produced spurious warning when /bin/mount wasn't set-uid. ( BZ#559302)
Users of util-linux should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.