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2.19. RHEA-2010:0493: spice-xpi

A new package, spice-xpi, is now available.
[Update 23 August 2010] The channel list in this erratum has been corrected. No changes have been made to the packages.
The Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (SPICE) is a remote display protocol designed for virtual environments. SPICE users can view a virtualized desktop or server from the local system or any system with network access to the server. SPICE is available for a variety of machine architectures and operating systems. SPICE is used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux for viewing virtualized guests running on the KVM hypervisor or on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisors.
This new package provides a Mozilla add-on that allows the SPICE client to run from within Firefox. (BZ#573586)
Note: The SPICE client, accessible as /usr/libexec/spicec or by using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager (RHEV-M) from an admin portal or user portal, requires a running spice-server that allows the client to access the remote server. If RHEV-M is used, spice-xpi is a required package.
Anyone planning to use the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager should install spice-xpi.