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1.140. spice-usb-share

1.140.1. RHBA-2011:0122: and kspiceusb-kmod bug fix update (was spice-usb-redirector)

Updated spice-usb-share and kspiceusb-kmod packages that fix various bugs and replace spice-usb-redirector, are now available.
spice-usb-share is a non-free USB drivers package which is used to share USB devices with a guest operating system connected via SPICE. kspiceusb-kmod provides the kernel module that helps enable spice-usb-share functionality.
The spice-usb-share and kspiceusb-kmod packages provide USB-over-network capabilities when working with a SPICE client. The package include 3 components: a kernel module, a service daemon to handle the devices and a controller utility which intermediates between SPICE and the USB service daemon.
Users that are using SPICE to access a remote virtual machine (VM) managed by Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager and wanting their client machine operating systems to make USB devices available to guest operating systems should install/update these new packages.