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1.116. python-dmidecode

1.116.1. RHBA-2010:0695: bug fix update

An updated python-dmidecode package that fixes a bug is now available.
The python-dmidecode module is a Python extension that uses the code-base of the dmidecode utility, and presents the DMI data as Python dictionaries or XML utilizing libxml2.
This update provides fixes for the following bugs:
* previously, the Python script would be stopped because of a assertion failure. This was due to the DMI tables on certain hardware with which unexpectedly returned NULL values instead of a string. With this update, the script does not anymore encounter assertion faults and processes NULL values correctly as empty strings. (RH BZ#596133)
* previously a segmentation fault occured when trying to identify the processor type via string comparison. This was due to the DMI tables on certain hardware which did not report the CPU processor information as a string and returned NULL instead. This update adds additional checks for NULL values before doing this string comparison. (RH BZ#621837)
* previously, a large amount of duplicated warnings could appear in the output. This was due to the DMI tables on certain hardware where the length description did not match the length of the tables found on the system. With this update, the logging function has been improved to avoid unnecessary duplication of warnings. (RH BZ#621895)
All users of the python-dmidecode module are advised to upgrade to this updated package, that addresses these issues.