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1.114. ppc64-utils

1.114.1. RHEA-2011:0087: bug fix and enhancement update

An enhanced ppc64-utils package that fixes several bugs is now available.
The ppc64-utils package is a collection of utilities for Linux running on 64-bit PowerPC platforms.
This updated ppc64-utils package adds the following enhancements:
* The lsvpd utility that lists hardware Vital Product Data (VPD), such as, vendor, version, revision level, and serial number, was upgraded to upstream version 1.6.8. ( BZ#565612)
* The libvpd library, which is a library for lsvpd, was upgraded to upstream version 2.1.2. ( BZ#566271)
* The package provides support for partition hibernation. ( BZ#579800)
In addition, this updated ppc64-utils package provides fixes for the following bugs:
* Previously, several man pages were missing. This update adds the missing pages. ( BZ#555781)
* On the ofpathname manual page, "PoowerPC-64" was changed into PowerPC-64". ( BZ#577338)
* The ofpathname manual page did not show the "-a" and "-V" options, and the "-?" option was displayed for the "--help" option. The missing "-a" and "-V" options were added and the short option for "--help", "-?", was changed to "-h" and the manual page shows all options as expected. ( BZ#578516)
* Previously, the ofpathname command could not properly convert a logical name to an Open Firmware device path name for SAN disk. With this update, ofpathname converts the logical name properly. ( BZ#580992)
* Previously, the drmgr tool does not support PCI DLPAR remove operations on the Jupiter and Juno Power platforms. With this update, drmgr supports remove operations. ( BZ#655087)
* After the ppc64-utils installation, the install.log file contained the following error message:
error reading information on service vpdupdater: No such file or directory
With this update, the error message is no longer in the log file. ( BZ#638513)
Users of ppc64-utils are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which adds these enhancements and resolves these issues.