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1.106. pciutils

1.106.1. RHEA-2011:0045: enhancement and bug fix update

An enhanced pciutils package that fixes various bugs and provides an enhancement is now available.
The pciutils package contains various utilities for inspecting and manipulating devices connected to the PCI bus.
This updated pciutils package has been enhanced by being upgraded to upstream version 3.1.7, which provides fixes for the following bugs:
* Several pciutils utilities were unable to recognize newer PCIe capabilities, and therefore returned an "UNKNOWN" message instead of a proper description. With this update, the PCI utilities are now aware of PCIe capabilities, and return a proper description. ( BZ#511992)
* The lspci command was unable to report which PCI slot a certain device was plugged into. With this updated package, lspci reports which PCI slot a device is using given that the information is available. (#563286)
All users of pciutils are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues and provides this enhancement.