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1.103. pam_krb5

1.103.1. RHBA-2010:0746: bug fix update

An updated pam_krb5 package that fixes a bug and provides an enhancement is now available.
The pam_krb5 module allows Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) aware applications to use Kerberos to verify user identities by obtaining user credentials at log in time.
This updated pam_krb5 package fixes the following bug:
* Previously, the verify_ap_req_nofail setting in /etc/krb5.conf's "libdefaults" section was ignored when pam_krb5 verified initial credentials. With this update, the credential verification part of the module recognizes the verify_ap_req_nofail setting. ( BZ#541177)
In addition, this updated package provides the following enhancement:
* Previously, pam_krb5 messages and prompts were only available in English. With this update, pam_krb5 is available in various languages thus able to match the language of your desired locale. ( BZ#526067)
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated pam_krb5 package, which resolves this issue and adds this enhancement.