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1.91. nspluginwrapper

1.91.1. RHBA-2010:0445: bug fix update

An updated nspluginwrapper package that fixes a bug is now available.
nspluginwrapper is a utility which allows 32-bit plug-ins to run in a 64-bit browser environment (a common example is Adobe's browser plug-in for presenting proprietary Flash files embedded in web pages). It includes the plug-in viewer and a tool for managing plug-in installations and updates.
This updated nspluginwrapper package fixes the following bug:
* the "spice-xpi" package provides a Firefox plugin that allows for the graphical administration of a KVM virtual machine over the SPICE protocol within the browser. However, the nspluginwrapper compatibility wrapper for plugins caused the Firefox plugin not to be able to open a SPICE session. This update instructs nspluginwrapper to ignore the Firefox SPICE plugin so that it works as expected. ( BZ#575058)
All users of nspluginwrapper are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves this issue.