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5.17. mkinitrd

The mkinitrd utility creates file system images for use as initial ramdisk (initrd) images.
  • When using an encrypted device, the following error message may be reported during bootup:
    insmod: error inserting '/lib/aes_generic.ko': -1 File exists
    This message can safely be ignored. (BZ#466296)
  • Installation using a Multiple Device (MD) RAID on top of multipath will result in a machine that cannot boot. Multipath to Storage Area Network (SAN) devices which provide RAID internally are not affected. (BZ#467469)
The following note applies to s390x Architectures:
  • When installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, the following errors may be returned in install.log:
    Installing kernel-2.6.18-158.el5.s390x
    cp: cannot stat `/sbin/dmraid.static': No such file or directory
    This message can be safely ignored.
  • iSCSI root devices do not function correctly if used over an IPv6 network connection. While the installation will appear to succeed, the system will fail to find the root filesystem during the first boot. (BZ#529636)