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1.56. isns-utils

1.56.1. RHBA-2011:0070: bug fix update

An updated isns-utils package that supports SCNs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The iSNS package contains the daemon and tools to setup a iSNS server, and iSNS client tools. The Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) protocol allows automated discovery, management and configuration of iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices (using iFCP gateways) on a TCP/IP network.
* Previously, the iSNS server's state change notification (SCN) support did not conform to iSNS RFC. As a result, the server did neither send nor handle SCNs. With this update, the server conforms to iSNS RFC and SCNs are handled correctly. ( BZ#521221)
* This update adds the upstream SCN changes. ( BZ#629399)
All iSNS users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves this issue.