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1.53. ipsec-tools

1.53.1. RHBA-2010:0645: bug fix update

An updated ipsec-tools package that fixes various bugs is now available.
The ipsec-tools package contains configuration and management tools for IPsec.
This updated ipsec-tools package resolves the following bugs:
* when clients connected and disconnected under load the racoon daemon stopped responding for a few minutes due to a race condition in the code handling dumps of the Security Association Database (SAD) from the kernel through a pfkey socket. The updated package uses a separate pfkey socket for the SA database dumps effectively removing the possibility for the race condition. ( BZ#609084)
* when receiving a delete notification for the IKE SA the racoon daemon incorrectly deleted also the IPsec SA associated with the IKE SA. The updated package just expires the IKE SA and waits for the IPsec SAs to expire before the IKE SA is purged from the racoon memory. ( BZ#609085)
* when looking at the security policy database entries the racoon daemon used to match inexact entries even if there was an exact entry in the database. The updated package matches the exact entry before falling back to inexact matching. ( BZ#609087)
* when dumping the pfkey database the kernel used to return only part of the database due to the small socket buffer size. When racoon was deployed on a system with a large number of network security policy entries, the racoon could not find all of the security policy entries in the database. The updated package supports a new configuration option pfkey_buffer to the racoon.conf file that allows to set the buffer size as appropriate for the deployment requirements. ( BZ#609090)
All users of IPsec Tools are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.