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1.49. icu

1.49.1. RHBA-2011:0127: bug fix update

Updated icu packages that fix two bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The International Components for Unicode (ICU) library provides robust and full-featured Unicode services.
This update fixes the following bugs:
* Due to a bug in the ICU library, when the "Kartika.ttf" font was installed, selecting "Format Cells" from the menu caused Calc to terminate unexpectedly. With this update, this error has been fixed, and the presence of "Kartika.ttf" no longer causes Calc to crash. ( BZ#457656)
* On 64-bit PowerPC architectures, an attempt to load the "intl" module for PHP 5.3 could be incorrectly denied by SELinux. These updated packages no longer trigger the SELinux denial, and the "intl" module can now be loaded as expected. ( BZ#654590)
Users of icu should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.