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2.5. RHEA-2011:0114: hplip3

New hplip3 packages that provide drivers for HP printers and multi-function peripherals are now available.
The HPLIP (Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing Project) package provides drivers for HP printers and multi-function peripherals.
These packages provide a newer version of HPLIP that can be installed alongside the version provided in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. The relevant command line utilities are prefixed with "hp3" instead of "hp", for example, "hp3-setup". (BZ#506645, BZ#629009)
All users requiring HPLIP drivers should install these new packages, which add this enhancement. Note that no additional action is required to use these drivers when using the system-config-printer utility or the CUPS web interface to add or modify printer queues.