5.19. openmpi

Open MPI, MVAPICH, and MVAPICH2 are all competing implementations of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard. MVAPICH implements version 1 of the MPI standard, while Open MPI and MVAPICH2 both implement the later, version 2 of the MPI standard.
  • mvapich and mvapich2 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 are compiled to support only InfiniBand/iWARP interconnects. Consequently, they will not run over ethernet or other network interconnects. (BZ#466390)
  • When upgrading openmpi using yum, the following warning may be returned:
    cannot open `/tmp/openmpi-upgrade-version.*' for reading: No such file or directory
    The message is harmless and can be safely ignored. (BZ#463919)
  • A bug in previous versions of openmpi and lam may prevent you from upgrading these packages. This bug manifests in the following error (when attempting to upgrade openmpi or lam:
    error: %preun(openmpi-[version]) scriptlet failed, exit status 2
    As such, you need to manually remove older versions of openmpi and lam in order to install their latest versions. To do so, use the following rpm command:
    rpm -qa | grep '^openmpi-\|^lam-' | xargs rpm -e --noscripts --allmatches (BZ#433841)