8. New Packages


FreeRADIUS is a high-performance, highly configurable, free Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) server. It is designed to allow centralized authentication and authorization for a network.

FreeRADIUS 2.0 is available as a new package (freeradius2) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5. FreeRADIUS 1 is still available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 in the original freeradius package. Version 2.0 of FreeRADIUS introduces many new features including the programming language unlang, virtual server support., additional directories for improved RFC coverage and full IPv6 support for both attributes & network packets.


The freeradius and freeradius2 packages share common files, and cannot be installed together on the same system.
PostgreSQL 8.4

PostgreSQL 8.4 (postgresql84) is now included as a fully supported option in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. New features in PostgreSQL 8.4 include: parallel database restore, per-column permissions and new monitoring tools.


A data dump and restore using pg_dump is required for migration from the existing PostgreSQL 8.1 (supplied by the postgres package). Due to this requirement, postgres and postgresql84 contain package level conflicts and only a single version can be installed on a system.

Samba is a suite of programs used by machines to share files, printers, and other information.

The Samba3x package set was originally introduced in the x86_64 Supplementary for the 5.4 release. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5, Samba3x has been updated and is now supported on all architectures. Samba3x includes support for Microsoft® Windows™ 7 interoperability.


Clustered Samba support is still a Technology Preview and only available on the x86_64 architecture.
Samba3x is based on the upstream Samba 3.3 release and includes the following changes in the configuration file options:
Parameter Description Default
cups connection timeout New 30
idmap config DOM:range Removed  
idmap domains Removed  
init logon delayed hosts New ""
init logon delay New 100
ldap ssl Changed Default start tls
share modes Deprecated  
winbind reconnect delay New 30
The samba source component has been refactored to generate a libsmbclient package. The libsmbclient is included into both samba and samba3x packages to provide client interfaces to other components in the environment.


All previous samba3x Technology Preview packages must be removed before installing the supported version of Samba3x.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 introduces the new gPXE package, an open source Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) implementation. gPXE provides the ability to boot installation images via a network connection.