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5. Desktop Updates

5.1. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) has been updated — providing enhanced support for High Definition Audio (HDA).

5.2. Graphics Drivers

The ati driver for ATI video devices has been updated.
The i810 and intel drivers for Intel integrated display devices have been updated.
The mga driver for Matrox video devices has been updated.
The nv driver for nVidia video devices has been updated.

5.3. Laptop Support

Previously, when undocking and docking some laptops with docking stations containing integrated CD/DVD drives, the drive would no longer be recognized. The system would need to be rebooted for the drive to be accessible. With this update, the ACPI docking drivers have been updated in the kernel, resolving this issue. (BZ#485181).