Chapter 5. Subscription Management

Enhanced Error Messaging in Red Hat Support Tool

The Red Hat Support Tool now displays better error messages when the tool is unable to download debug symbols, for example due to insufficient disk space.

Subscription Manager

The Subscription Manager in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 generates the redhat.repo file immediately after user attachment and does not wait for the yum utility.
The Subscription Type field has been included in the Subscription Manager. You can view the field in the command-line interface as well as the graphical user interface to inform you about the kind of subscription that is used, which determines the attributes that drive subscription's behavior.
Repositories can now be enabled and disabled directly in the GUI of Subscription Manager.
Several enhancements to the command-line interface have been introduced:
  • In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11, the rhsm-debug system tool creates a tar file that contains files to be attached to bug reports.
  • Two new fields have been added to the output of the subscription-manager list --available command. The Provides field shows the names of the products that the system is eligible for. The Suggested field has been added to facilitate compliance and provide parity with the GUI.
  • The output of the subscription-manager list --available command now includes the stock-keeping unit (SKU).