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4.85. procps

Updated procps packages that fix two bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The procps packages contain a set of system utilities that provide system information. The procps packages include the following utilities: ps, free, skill, pkill, pgrep, snice, tload, top, uptime, vmstat, w, watch, and pwdx.

Bug Fixes

In some cases, for example, with VMware ESX guests and C-states/CPU switched off, the sum of idle and non-idle ticks returned by the kernel might have been zero. Consequently, this could have caused arithmetic exceptions. With this update, the zero sum is evaluated as if there were idle cycles, and the arithmetic exceptions no longer appear.
Previously, there was a misleading description of the SWAP field in the "top" tool. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 kernel does not export the VmSwap field in the /proc/#PID/status file, and therefore it was not possible to get the size of the swapped out portion of the task's address space. In the case of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, the SWAP field displayed by the "top" tool represented the non-resident portion of the task's address space instead. With this update, the SWAP description has been changed from "Swapped size" to "Non-resident size."
Users of procps are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.