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4.71. nss_ldap

Updated nss_ldap packages that fix a bug are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The nss_ldap packages contain the nss_ldap and pam_ldap modules. The nss_ldap module is a name service switch module, which allows applications to retrieve information about users and groups from a directory server. The pam_ldap module allows a directory server to be used by PAM-aware applications to verify user passwords.

Bug Fix

Due to LDAP connectivity problems, the nss_ldap module returned error conditions but failed to clean them up. Consequently, nss_ldap started leaking file descriptors, namely sockets. A patch has been provided to address this bug and the socket leaks no longer occur in nss_ldap.
All users of nss_ldap are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix this bug.