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4.62. man-pages-overrides

An updated man-pages-overrides package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The man-pages-overrides package provides a collection of manual (man) pages to complement other packages or update those contained therein.

Bug Fixes

Various manual pages from the poppler package contained an incorrect path to the configuration file and references to non-existent man pages. The invalid paths to the configuration file have been fixed and incorrect references removed form the man pages.
Previously, the runcon(1) manual page did not specify the exact position of the "--" special argument. The position of the argument is now specified.
The pam_limits PAM module has an off-by-one bug in calculation of the RLMIT_NICE priority. If the nice limit is set to -1, the real value set in the kernel will be equivalent to nice value 0. The limits.conf(5) manual page now describes the problem and provides a workaround.
The missing BUGS section has been added to the times(2) manual page and describes a known bug that can occur in a small time window soon after the boot.
Previously, the "max_childs" parameter was not documented in the udevd(8) manual page. This update adds documentation of that parameter.
Previously, the shmop(2) manual page did not list the EIDRM error code in the Error section. The error code is now included in the manual page.
Users of man-pages-overrides are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.