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2.11. firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser. XULRunner provides the XUL Runtime environment for Mozilla Firefox.
  • In certain environments, storing personal Firefox configuration files (~/.mozilla/) on an NFS share, such as when your home directory is on a NFS share, led to Firefox functioning incorrectly, for example, navigation buttons not working as expected, and bookmarks not saving. This update adds a new configuration option, storage.nfs_filesystem, that can be used to resolve this issue. If you experience this issue:
    1. Start Firefox.
    2. Type about:config into the URL bar and press the Enter key.
    3. If prompted with "This might void your warranty!", click the I'll be careful, I promise! button.
    4. Right-click in the Preference Name list. In the menu that opens, select NewBoolean.
    5. Type "storage.nfs_filesystem" (without quotes) for the preference name and then click the OK button.
    6. Select true for the boolean value and then press the OK button.