4.7.3. Synchronizing Network Packet Filtering Rules

If you are using iptables, you will need to synchronize the appropriate configuration file on the backup LVS router.
If you alter the any network packet filter rules, enter the following command as root from the primary LVS router:
scp /etc/sysconfig/iptables n.n.n.n:/etc/sysconfig/
In the command, replace n.n.n.n with the real IP address of the backup LVS router.
Next either open an ssh session to the backup router or log into the machine as root and type the following command:
/sbin/service iptables restart
Once you have copied these files over to the backup router and started the appropriate services (see Section 2.1, “Configuring Services on the LVS Routers” for more on this topic) you are ready to start LVS.