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8.2.4. Creating the LVM Logical Volumes

Create logical volumes with mount points such as /, /home/, and swap space. Remember that /boot cannot be a logical volume. To add a logical volume, click the Add button in the Logical Volumes section. A dialog window as shown in Figure 8.8, “Creating a Logical Volume” appears.
Creating a Logical Volume

Figure 8.8. Creating a Logical Volume

Repeat these steps for each volume group you want to create.


You may want to leave some free space in the logical volume group so you can expand the logical volumes later. The default automatic configuration does not do this, but this manual configuration example does — approximately 1 GB is left as free space for future expansion.
Pending Logical Volumes

Figure 8.9. Pending Logical Volumes

Click OK to apply the volume group and all associated logical volumes.
The following figure shows the final manual configuration:
Final Manual Configuration

Figure 8.10. Final Manual Configuration