5.6.2. Anonymous Access

The presence of the /var/ftp/ directory activates the anonymous account.
The easiest way to create this directory is to install the vsftpd package. This package sets a directory tree up for anonymous users and configures the permissions on directories to read-only for anonymous users.
By default the anonymous user cannot write to any directories.


If enabling anonymous access to an FTP server, be aware of where sensitive data is stored. Anonymous Upload

To allow anonymous users to upload, it is recommended that a write-only directory be created within /var/ftp/pub/.
To do this, type:
 mkdir /var/ftp/pub/upload 
Next change the permissions so that anonymous users cannot see what is within the directory by typing:
 chmod 730 /var/ftp/pub/upload 
A long format listing of the directory should look like this:
drwx-wx---    2 root     ftp          4096 Feb 13 20:05 upload


Administrators who allow anonymous users to read and write in directories often find that their servers become a repository of stolen software.
Additionally, under vsftpd, add the following line to the /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf file: