9.2.3. Other Host-based IDSes

The following list discusses some of the other popular host-based intrusion detection systems available. Refer to the websites of the respective utilities for more information regarding installation and configuration.


These applications are not included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and are not supported. They have been included in this document as a reference to users who may be interested in evaluating such applications.
  • SWATCH http://sourceforge.net/projects/swatch/ — The Simple WATCHer (SWATCH) uses log files generated by syslog to alert administrators of anomalies based on user configuration files. SWATCH was designed to log any event that the user wants to add into the configuration file; however, it has been adopted widely as a host-based IDS.
  • LIDS http://www.lids.org/ — The Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is a kernel patch and administration tool that can also control file modification with access control lists (ACLs), and protect processes and files, even from the root user.