5.10.3. Related Books

The following books discuss various issues related to storage and are good resources for Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators.
  • The Installation Guide; Red Hat, Inc -- Contains instructions on partitioning hard drives during the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation process as well as an overview of disk partitions.
  • The Reference Guide; Red Hat, Inc -- Contains detailed information on the directory structure used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and an overview of NFS.
  • The System Administrators Guide; Red Hat, Inc -- Includes chapters on file systems, RAID, LVM, devlabel, partitioning, disk quotas, NFS, and Samba.
  • Linux System Administration: A User's Guide by Marcel Gagne; Addison Wesley Professional -- Contains information on user and group permissions, file systems and disk quota, NFS and Samba.
  • Linux Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning by Jason R. Fink and Matthew D. Sherer; Sams -- Contains information on disk, RAID, and NFS performance.
  • Linux Administration Handbook by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, and Trent R. Hein; Prentice Hall -- Contains information on file systems, handling disk drives, NFS, and Samba.