7.4.2. Laser Printer Consumables

Depending on the type of laser printer deployed, consumable costs are usually proportional to the volume of printing. Toner comes in cartridges that are usually replaced outright; however, some models come with refillable cartridges. Color laser printers require one toner cartridge for each of the four colors. Additionally, color laser printers require fuser oils to bond toner onto paper and waste toner bottles to capture toner spillover. These added supplies raise the consumables cost of color laser printers; however, it is worth noting that such consumables, on average, last about 6000 pages, which is much greater than comparable inkjet or impact consumable lifespans. Paper type is less of an issue in laser printers, which means bulk purchases of regular xerographic or photocopy paper are acceptable for most print jobs. However, if you plan to print high-quality images, you should opt for glossy paper for a professional finish.