1.3.2. Tell Your Users What You Are Doing

This step is primarily a last-minute warning of the impending change; as such, it should be a brief repeat of the first message, though with the impending nature of the change made more apparent ("The system upgrade will take place TONIGHT."). This is also a good place to publicly answer any questions you may have received as a result of the first message.
Continuing our hypothetical example, here is one possible last-minute warning:

System Downtime Scheduled for Tonight

Reminder: The system downtime announced this past Monday will take place as scheduled tonight at 6pm (midnight for the Berlin office). You can find the original announcement on the company intranet website, on the System Administration page.
Several people have asked whether they should stop working early tonight to make sure their work is backed up prior to the downtime. This will not be necessary, as the work being done tonight will not impact any work done on your personal workstations.
Remember, those of you that have written your own SQL queries should be aware that the layout of some indices will change. This is documented on the company intranet website, on the Finance page.
Your users have been alerted; now you are ready to actually do the work.