1.11.2. Useful Websites

  • http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/ -- The Linux-PAM project homepage.
  • http://www.usenix.org/ -- The USENIX homepage. A professional organization dedicated to bringing together computer professionals of all types and fostering improved communication and innovation.
  • http://www.sage.org/ -- The System Administrators Guild homepage. A USENIX special technical group that is a good resource for all system administrators responsible for Linux (or Linux-like) operating systems.
  • http://www.python.org/ -- The Python Language Website. An excellent site for learning more about Python.
  • http://www.perl.org/ -- The Perl Mongers Website. A good place to start learning about Perl and connecting with the Perl community.
  • http://www.rpm.org/ -- The RPM Package Manager homepage. The most comprehensive website for learning about RPM.