4.7.3. Related Books

The following books discuss various issues related to resource monitoring, and are good resources for Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators:
  • The System Administrators Guide; Red Hat, Inc -- Includes a chapter on many of the resource monitoring tools described here.
  • Linux Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning by Jason R. Fink and Matthew D. Sherer; Sams -- Provides more in-depth overviews of the resource monitoring tools presented here and includes others that might be appropriate for more specific resource monitoring needs.
  • Red Hat Linux Security and Optimization by Mohammed J. Kabir; Red Hat Press -- Approximately the first 150 pages of this book discuss performance-related issues. This includes chapters dedicated to performance issues specific to network, Web, email, and file servers.
  • Linux Administration Handbook by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, and Trent R. Hein; Prentice Hall -- Provides a short chapter similar in scope to this book, but includes an interesting section on diagnosing a system that has suddenly slowed down.
  • Linux System Administration: A User's Guide by Marcel Gagne; Addison Wesley Professional -- Contains a small chapter on performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Essential System Administration (3rd Edition) by Aeleen Frisch; O'Reilly &Associates -- The chapter on managing system resources contains good overall information, with some Linux specifics included.
  • System Performance Tuning (2nd Edition) by Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci and Mike Loukides; O'Reilly &Associates -- Although heavily oriented toward more traditional UNIX implementations, there are many Linux-specific references throughout the book.