8.4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux-Specific Information

There is little about the general topic of disasters and disaster recovery that has a direct bearing on any specific operating system. After all, the computers in a flooded data center will be inoperative whether they run Red Hat Enterprise Linux or some other operating system. However, there are parts of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that relate to certain specific aspects of disaster recovery; these are discussed in this section.

8.4.1. Software Support

As a software vendor, Red Hat, Inc does have a number of support offerings for its products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You are using the most basic support tool right now by reading this manual. Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Documentation CD (which can also be installed on your system for fast access), in printed form, and on the Red Hat website at http://www.redhat.com/docs/.
Self support options are available via the many mailing lists hosted by Red Hat (available at https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo). These mailing lists take advantage of the combined knowledge of Red Hat's user community; in addition, many lists are monitored by Red Hat personnel, who contribute as time permits. Other resources are available from Red Hat's main support page at http://www.redhat.com/apps/support/.
More comprehensive support options exist; information on them can be found on the Red Hat website.