C.3. Controlling Activation with Tags

You can specify in the configuration file that only certain logical volumes should be activated on that host. For example, the following entry acts as a filter for activation requests (such as vgchange -ay) and only activates vg1/lvol0 and any logical volumes or volume groups with the database tag in the metadata on that host.
activation { volume_list = ["vg1/lvol0", "@database" ] }
There is a special match "@*" that causes a match only if any metadata tag matches any host tag on that machine.
As another example, consider a situation where every machine in the cluster has the following entry in the configuration file:
tags { hosttags = 1 }
If you want to activate vg1/lvol2 only on host db2, do the following:
  1. Run lvchange --addtag @db2 vg1/lvol2 from any host in the cluster.
  2. Run lvchange -ay vg1/lvol2.
This solution involves storing hostnames inside the volume group metadata.