Menu Close Adding a Member to a Running DLM Cluster That Contains More Than Two Nodes

To add a member to an existing DLM cluster that is currently in operation, and contains more than two nodes, follow these steps:
  1. Add the node and configure fencing for it as in Section 5.5.1, “Adding a Member to a New Cluster”.
  2. Click Send to Cluster to propagate the updated configuration to other running nodes in the cluster.
  3. Use the scp command to send the updated /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file from one of the existing cluster nodes to the new node.
  4. Start cluster services on the new node by running the following commands in this order:
    1. service ccsd start
    2. service cman start
    3. service fenced start
    4. service clvmd start, if CLVM has been used to create clustered volumes
    5. service gfs start, if you are using Red Hat GFS
    6. service rgmanager start, if the cluster is running high-availability services (rgmanager)
  5. Start system-config-cluster (refer to Section 5.2, “Starting the Cluster Configuration Tool). At the Cluster Configuration Tool tab, verify that the configuration is correct. At the Cluster Status Tool tab verify that the nodes and services are running as expected.


Make sure to configure other parameters that may be affected by changes in this section. Refer to Section 5.1, “Configuration Tasks”.