5.10. Starting the Cluster Software

After you have propagated the cluster configuration to the cluster nodes you can either reboot each node or start the cluster software on each cluster node by running the following commands at each node in this order:
  1. service ccsd start
  2. service cman start (or service lock_gulmd start for GULM clusters)
  3. service fenced start (DLM clusters only)
  4. service clvmd start, if CLVM has been used to create clustered volumes


    Shared storage for use in Red Hat Cluster Suite requires that you be running the cluster logical volume manager daemon (clvmd) or the High Availability Logical Volume Management agents (HA-LVM). If you are not able to use either the clvmd daemon or HA-LVM for operational reasons or because you do not have the correct entitlements, you must not use single-instance LVM on the shared disk as this may result in data corruption. If you have any concerns please contact your Red Hat service representative.
  5. service gfs start, if you are using Red Hat GFS
  6. service rgmanager start, if the cluster is running high-availability services (rgmanager)
  7. Start the Red Hat Cluster Suite management GUI. At the Cluster Configuration Tool tab, verify that the configuration is correct. At the Cluster Status Tool tab verify that the nodes and services are running as expected.