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3.6. Configuring Cluster Members

Configuring cluster members consists of initially configuring nodes in a newly configured cluster, adding members, and deleting members. The following sections provide procedures for initial configuration of nodes, adding nodes, and deleting nodes:

3.6.1. Initially Configuring Members

Creating a cluster consists of selecting a set of nodes (or members) to be part of the cluster. Once you have completed the initial step of creating a cluster and creating fence devices, you need to configure cluster nodes. To initially configure cluster nodes after creating a new cluster, follow the steps in this section. The starting point of the procedure is at the cluster-specific page that you navigate to from Choose a cluster to administer displayed on the cluster tab.
  1. At the detailed menu for the cluster (below the clusters menu), click Nodes. Clicking Nodes causes the display of an Add a Node element and a Configure element with a list of the nodes already configured in the cluster.
  2. Click a link for a node at either the list in the center of the page or in the list in the detailed menu under the clusters menu. Clicking a link for a node causes a page to be displayed for that link showing how that node is configured.
  3. At the bottom of the page, under Main Fencing Method, click Add a fence device to this level.
  4. Select a fence device and provide parameters for the fence device (for example port number).


    You can choose from an existing fence device or create a new fence device.
  5. Click Update main fence properties and wait for the change to take effect.