Chapter 5. Configuring Red Hat Cluster With system-config-cluster

This chapter describes how to configure Red Hat Cluster software using system-config-cluster, and consists of the following sections:


While system-config-cluster provides several convenient tools for configuring and managing a Red Hat Cluster, the newer, more comprehensive tool, Conga, provides more convenience and flexibility than system-config-cluster. You may want to consider using Conga instead (refer to Chapter 3, Configuring Red Hat Cluster With Conga and Chapter 4, Managing Red Hat Cluster With Conga).

5.1. Configuration Tasks

Configuring Red Hat Cluster software with system-config-cluster consists of the following steps:
  1. Starting the Cluster Configuration Tool, system-config-cluster. Refer to Section 5.2, “Starting the Cluster Configuration Tool.
  2. Configuring cluster properties. Refer to Section 5.3, “Configuring Cluster Properties”.
  3. Creating fence devices. Refer to Section 5.4, “Configuring Fence Devices”.
  4. Creating cluster members. Refer to Section 5.5, “Adding and Deleting Members”.
  5. Creating failover domains. Refer to Section 5.6, “Configuring a Failover Domain”.
  6. Creating resources. Refer to Section 5.7, “Adding Cluster Resources”.
  7. Creating cluster services.
  8. Propagating the configuration file to the other nodes in the cluster.
  9. Starting the cluster software. Refer to Section 5.10, “Starting the Cluster Software”.